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“…this week my little one with lots of additional needs has….loved it. I was a bit nervous leaving her with others that don’t know her but they’ve dealt with her amazingly. Thank you.” HAF Parent/Carer 

“He is autistic and doesn’t engage at all well at school. He was so nervous about attending however the staff knew his situation and were amazing…so he knew what to expect. On the day they were on hand straight away and really de-sensitized him, he couldn’t stop talking each day and showing us what he had been doing. Best of all he made his first friend. This scheme is amazing!” HAF Parent/Carer 

In Portsmouth City we have been working closely with our activity providers to make sure they are as inclusive and accessible as possible. We also have SEND specific activities on offer. We have also worked with local independent charity, Enable Ability, to offer activities specifically for children and young people with SEND.  We are working hard to ensure more mainstream provision can appropriately support SEND during the HAF Fun Pompey programme. Enableability have hosted a training workshop for ‘Confidence in SEND’ and many participants with additional needs had a fantastic experience in 2021 in our mainstream provision. 

 Running from Monday 11 April – Friday 22 April

Bookings for the HAF Fun Pompey 2022 Easter programme are now live!

To find out about our HAF Fun Pompey  offer go to HAF for ages 5-11, HAF for ages 11-16 and Family Fun

We also have a new calendar function where you can filter by date, location, SEND accessibility and age – please go the HAF calendar page 

Once you have found an activity you will need to book a space directly with the provider.

Follow their instructions under ‘HOW TO BOOK’. Then follow the link or contact details provided.

SEND Support information is included within each provider listing under ‘EVENT DETAILS’.

If your child is in need of additional support, has an EHCP or 1-to-1 support in their educational setting and you would like more advice on what the HAF Fun Pompey has to offer please contact our team at or go to the Portsmouth Local Offer for further information.

My child has 1-to-1 support, can they still go to HAF activities?

The HAF programme is fully inclusive and Children and Young people who need direct 1to1 support are absolutely welcome to attend suitable HAF fun activities.

If you have a PA or 1 to 1 already, they will be welcome to join your child or young person and you will need to speak directly to the activity provider to arrange this – everything is considered on an individual basis. They will need to have the usual DBS and other checks.

If you don’t have a 1 to 1 outside of school but will need one to attend the activities there are a number of options:

  • If attending the Enable Ability activities, they are able to provide 1 to 1 support and will look to do this on an individual basis. Enable Ability will carefully consider each individual child and even come and see you all at home so they can meet your child or young person beforehand. They will be keen to know lots about your child’s strengths and needs and how best they can be supported before they start at the activity.
  • For other activity providers options for 1 to 1 support will be looked at individually and close work will be done to consider how best 1 to 1 support can be delivered. For some activities this might be difficult, but each provider will tell you about this once they know more about your child’s needs. 1 to 1 support shouldn’t be a barrier to your child joining an activity and we will do our best to work closely with you and know as much about your child or young person as possible, in advance. 

SEND Support information is included within each provider listing under ‘EVENT DETAILS’.

What if my child is vulnerable but doesn’t meet the criteria?

All Children and young people aged 5-16 who are eligible for benefits related free school meals can access the programme.

If your child or young person is vulnerable there is some funding available for a few places. You will need to get a professional lead referral this could be your school, social worker, GP or Family hub worker to refer you to the programme. They can do this by completing a form and returning it to the HAF programme co-ordinator. Cases will be considered on their own individual needs.

If you are struggling to speak with your school and would like support from the HAF team you can send them an email at